May 2022 - Dates and venues below


Drama with Live Music

Lady Nairne (1766-1845) was one of Scotland's most prolific songwriters, writing around one hundred songs.  Many of these became classics and are still sung today.  Examples are 'Charlie is my darling', 'The Rowan tree' and 'Will ye no come back again'.  Yet, throughout her life she maintained strict anonymity as a songwriter, never receiving credit for her achievements.  Some people even believed that her works were unpublished songs of Robert Burns.

Who was this mysterious songstress?  All will be revealed by, Dave Dewar as narrator and interviewer, actor and musician Wendy Weatherby as Lady Nairne, performing her songs on cello and voice, and Sandy Brechin on accordion and keyboards.

The show is written and directed by Dave Dewar and is part of the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival.       


  Thur. 26 May  Duncan Rooms, Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries  7.30pm

                       Tickets £12     Midsteeple 01387-253383


       Fri. 27 May    Kilmarnock   (Private Event)  7.30pm                                

For further information, contact Dave Dewar on 077 655 73240 /    

May and June 2019 - Dates and venues below


Drama with Live Music

Elizabeth Crichton dreamed of a mental hospital for Dumfries, to treat patients as human beings in need of help.  She found just the man to establish this, Doctor William A.F. Browne.


In 1839 the Crichton Mental Hospital opened, becoming arguably the most advanced in Europe.  Patients enjoyed art and music therapy, fresh air and working in the gardens.  All this in a beautiful estate.  Yet, some of the local people were not happy. 

Actors and musicians tell this fascinating tale.  Actors are Stephanie Falls, playing Mrs Crichton, and popular Dumfriesshire performer William Williamson is the inimitable Doctor Browne.  The musicians are Wendy Weatherby cello, John Sampson trumpet, cornet and baroque recorder, and Stephen Devine piano.  The show is written and directed by Dave Dewar, who also plays the role of narrator / interviewer.       

   Fri. 31 May    Duncan Rooms, Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries  7.30pm

                                Tickets £12  Midsteeple 01387-253383



       Sun. 2 June    Kilmarnock   (Private Event)  2pm                                


For further information, contact Dave Dewar on 077 655 73240 /    

Nov and Dec 2018 - Dates and venues below


ELSIE INGLIS - The woman who wouldn't sit still !

Drama with Live Music

Elsie Inglis was one of Scotland’s most inspiring women.  Physician, surgeon, humanitarian, medical pioneer, suffragist, and founder of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals for Foreign Service during World War I.


Doctor Inglis approached the British War Office in 1914 to offer a unique all-women medical service for the war front.  The British War Office rejected this because they were women, famously telling Doctor Inglis “My good lady, go home and sit still.”  Thankfully, other Allied nations welcomed them.


1500 women in 14 hospital units served overseas in an all-women medical service, saving many soldiers’ lives, mainly in France, Serbia and Russia.  


A cast of 12 performers, including actors and musicians, tell this fascinating story in a year which is both the anniversary of the ending of World War 1, and the granting of the vote to some women.


Sun. 25 Nov. Dumfries House by Cumnock  3pm - £20 + booking fee

                                                 Tickets Link


Fri. 30 Nov.  Glasgow University Memorial Chapel  8pm - £12 + booking fee

                                                 Tickets Link


Sun. 2 Dec.  Augustine United Church  41 George IV Bridge

                      Edinburgh  7.30pm  - £12 + booking fee 

                                                 Tickets Link


For further information contact Dave Dewar on 077 655 73240 /    


May and June 2018 - Dates and venues below


Drama with Live Music

From humble Eskdale stonemason to famous civil engineer, Thomas Telford designed and constructed the finest roads, bridges and canals since the Romans. 


Yet, he was a modest man who shunned the limelight.  Telford never forgot his birthplace.  “I ever recollect with pride my native parish of Westerkirk, where I was born on the banks of the Esk in the year 1757.”


This fascinating story is told through drama and original music.  Popular Dumfriesshire performer William Williamson plays Telford, with Dave Dewar as the interviewer and music by singer-songwriter Ian Walker and cellist Wendy Weatherby.


           Wed. 30 May    Kilmarnock   (Private Event)  7.30pm


           Thu. 31 May     Buccleuch Centre, Langholm  7.30pm

           Tickets  £10  01387-381196


           Fri. 1  June        The Ewart Library, Dumfries  7.30pm

           Tickets £10  Midsteeple 01387-253383          


                                     (Photo courtesy of the Institution of Civil Engineers)

June 2017 - Dates and venues below


Drama with Live Music

The fascinating life story of explorer Joseph Thomson told through narration, drama and live music by Ian Walker (singer-songwriter &  multi-instrumentalist), Wendy Weatherby (cello), Dave Dewar (narrator) and Dumfriesshire’s William Williamson, a direct descendant of Thomson, playing the explorer.


Born in Penpont, later lived in Gatelawbridge, buried in Thornhill, Thomson discovered many previously uncharted parts of Africa.  His successes were rewarded by many titles and awards including the  prestigious Royal Geographical Society’s gold medal.


Thomson successfully avoided confrontation and bloodshed in his dealings with hostile African tribes.  This was encapsulated in his motto “He who goes gently goes safely, he who goes safely goes far”.


     All performances begin at 7.30pm


           Thu. 1 June    Penpont Parish Church, Penpont, Dumfriesshire

           Fri. 2  June     The Ewart Library, Dumfries


Tickets  £10   Midsteeple  01387-253383

May and June 2016 - Dates and venues below


Drama with Live Music

The fascinating story of the Reverend Henry Duncan of Ruthwell, by Dumfries.


Duncan established the Ruthwell Savings Bank in 1810 for the poor who could not afford the £10 required by the established banks to open an account.  At Ruthwell, only 6 pence would open up a 4% interest bearing account.  Thus was born the worldwide savings bank movement.


Duncan was also a social reformer, writer, publisher, newspaper owner, philanthropist, geologist and restorer of the famous Ruthwell Cross.


Four actors / musicians play Duncan, his wife, the narrator and other parts, with accompanying live music. 


     All performances begin at 7.30pm


           Thu. 26 May  Ruthwell Parish Church, Ruthwell, near Dumfries

           Fri. 27 May    The Catstrand, New Galloway, Dumfriesshire

           Thu. 2 June    Innellan Village Hall, Innellan, near Dunoon

           Fri. 3 June      Loudoun Hall,  Ayr


Tickets  £10   Dave Dewar  077 655 73240


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               Video excerpt from Show     BBC Scotland video 

November 2015 - Dates and Venues below

An Audience With 


Drama with Live Music

How did a Scot become the richest man in the world and then give it all away?


From humble beginnings in Dunfermline in 1835, Andrew Carnegie emigrated to America.  By aged 35 he was a millionaire, and by 65 the richest man in the world.


Carnegie was a man of contradictions.  He advocated workers’ rights but outlawed trade unions.  He campaigned for world peace, yet manufactured steel for naval vessels and armaments.  However, he gave away his vast fortune for good causes, which included the creation of over 2,500 libraries.


Actors play Andrew Carnegie, his wife Louise and the interviewer, revealing fascinating and often controversial aspects of their lives. 


     All performances begin at 7.30pm, unless indicated otherwise


  Wed. 25  Dunoon Library                   Thur. 26  Oban Library  (7pm)


Fri. 27  Ewart Library, Dumfries       Sat. 28  Carnegie Hall Annexe, Dunfermline


                                            Sun. 29  Loudoun Hall,  Ayr   (2.30pm)


Tickets     Dave Dewar   077 655 73240


                                 (Photo courtesy of the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum)


                                                       Youtube link                                          

                                         Video excerpt from show



An Audience With

PATRICK MILLER and Robert Burns

Drama with Music

Dalswinton House, Dalswinton, by Dumfries   Sunday 18 May 2014   3pm

           Tickets £15, include access to the gardens and light refreshments.

Advance bookings only.

Two men from the Dumfriesshire area made their mark on Scottish History.  One, Patrick Miller, developed a steamship, the other his tenant Robert Burns, composed beautiful poetry and songs.  The two met regularly at Miller's beautiful home, Dalswinton House.  For this afternoon, the two meet again and discuss their lives.  Actors play Miller, Burns, and an interviewer, with music by harmony group The Sangsters.  The drama will take place in the drawing room of Dalswinton House.